A new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game may be on the

As Pokémon fans giddily wait for the upcoming Pokémon Day on February 27, several impatient fans decided to look into the backend for the Pokémon Together website. There, they found data and assets for the website, showing things that are not visible on the main page. Players found copyright info for Spike Chunsoft, the same studio that worked on the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Games. Some are using that to suggest that if a copyright for Spike Chunsoft exists in Pokémon Together, then that likely means that a new Mystery Dungeon Game is on the way.

Of course, all of this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. That said, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX was the last game in the series, which launched in 2020. Pokémon fans love the Mystery Dungeon series because it offers something different from the traditional Pokémon games. Whereas the mainline Pokémon games center around exploration and RPG elements, Mystery Dungeon is all about dungeon exploring. If the backend data ends up being correct, Pokémon Day would be the perfect way to announce a new Mystery Dungeon game.

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Of course, this might not be a new game in the series. Instead, we might be looking at a collection of remastered versions. Either way, the event should be quite a bit of fun for fans of the series, especially if all of the rumors turn out to be true. In addition to the Mystery Dungeon rumors, some fans believe the leaked DLC content for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will finally be unveiled during Pokémon Day, alongside new tie-in events for the mobile titles. Fans are also hoping for more information on the new Pokémon anime featuring new protagonists Liko and Roy, and a sneak peek at Ash’s final adventures in the Pokémon TV series.


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