Across The Spider-Verse Fan Reimagines Trailer With Lego

Across The Spider-Verse Fan Reimagines Trailer With Lego
Across The Spider-Verse Fan Reimagines Trailer With Lego
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Add Lego Spider-Man to Across The Spider-Verse.

via LegoMe_TheOG

Sony and Marvel ended 2022 by dropping the first full trailer for Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse last month, right before moving into a year jam-packed with stuff for Spidey fans to look forward to. Turns out that stuff has started arriving a little early thanks to a fan who has recreated that first full trailer using nothing but Lego.

Created by FG_Artist, the Lego recreation captures absolutely every moment from the trailer. Not just a snippet, not just the clip where Miles and Gwen are being chased by countless other Spider-Man variants. The whole damn thing which comes to more than two minutes of footage. No, two minutes might not sound like much, but when it’s in relation to painstakingly recreating the trailer for an animated Hollywood blockbuster, it’s an awful lot of time.


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FG_Artist describes themselves as a Lego enthusiast on Twitter, which probably goes without saying. They also might be the best person to go to for answers regarding exactly which Spider-Man variants can be seen throughout the trailer since they’ve now turned all of them into Lego. While Insomniac’s Spidey is definitely in there, fans have been debating which other web-slingers we might see make cameos when the movie hits cinemas this summer.

The movie’s creators have already confirmed the sequel will include 240 characters and take place across six universes. They’ve also hinted Tom Holland will make a cameo in the movie, citing that “anything is possible” when it comes to the next movie. Not much longer to wait now, and then only another year until the third movie which has been made in tandem with the second by more than 1,000 animators. The biggest team to ever work on an animated feature.

That’s not all Spider-Man fans have to look forward to this year. Insomniac has also confirmed despite there not being a new trailer for over a year, Spider-Man 2 is still on track to launch this year and will arrive exclusively on PS5 sometime in the fall. Not to mention Spider-Man: Freshman Year on Disney Plus, although that’s more likely to be here in 2024.

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