All Terrain Bonuses in Fire Emblem Engage

All Terrain Bonuses in Fire Emblem Engage
All Terrain Bonuses in Fire Emblem Engage

Terrain Bonuses are effective ways of gaining an advantage in Fire Emblem Engage’s combat. You can make characters significantly more evasive or even find places to slowly heal units. These advantages can be useful in initial skirmishes or drawn-out battles, when enemies are throwing everything they can to bring down your units.

The bonuses take effect when any unit (allied or enemy) occupies a square with unique terrain. Each battle can have multiple terrain tiles with the same bonus, which can help protect multiple units. In the worst case scenario, you want to make sure your enemies can’t take any beneficial terrain tiles, because the bonuses will make them harder to defeat.

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Terrain Bonus Tiles

Here are a list of the terrain bonuses you can get in Fire Emblem Engage.

  • Thicket: Avoidance +30
  • Fort: Avoidance +30, heal 10 HP per turn spent on a Fort
  • Pillars: Avoidance +30
  • Woods: +30 Avoidance
  • Protection Tile: +30 Avoidance, heals 10 HP per turn
  • Heal Tile: Heals 10 HP per turn

Not every terrain tile gives you the same bonus and it is important to check what tile you are going to use. This can ensure that you don’t run into surprises when an opponent gets more bonuses, or that you aren’t surprised when a tile doesn’t work the way that you think.

Never be afraid to check terrain tiles and use the bonuses to your advantage. On higher difficulties, it helps you turn the tides against enemies. On close battles, a proper terrain tile can be what you need to recover and strike back against the enemies.


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