Artist carves their way into Pokémon fans’ hearts with legendary

Artist carves their way into Pokémon fans’ hearts with legendary
Artist carves their way into Pokémon fans’ hearts with legendary

There are a lot of different ways that people have been able to recreate their favorite moments and scenes from the ever-popular Pokémon franchise. From inventive snacks, fangames, and costumes to paintings and sculptures, there’s no shortage of gorgeous fan recreations out and about in the world.

One Reddit user, u/mezawoodndyes, has taken a more solid approach to artistic recreations by carving out spectacular copies of various Pokémon with a very distinct medium.

Using a variety of woods, and a sharp eye for detail, they’ve managed to create near-perfect replica wood carvings that will certainly last a bit longer than some other options. Using naturally colored woods, which include Cherry, Canary, and Padauk, u/mezawoodndyes has managed to still create amazing bursts of color that could convince you it had been painted on. From larger recreations of the beloved Pokémon Ninetails, to a smaller but no less impressive Gengar, u/mezawoodndyes has definitely captured the essence of the creatures we’ve all come to know and love.

Their latest creation, the shiny Gyarados from the Lake of Rage, is certainly a spectacular work of art that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Carving with hand tools seems to be a primary method they use, particularly with smaller details, meaning they’ve put a lot of effort and care into their creations that has clearly paid off in quality and finish. While Pokémon isn’t their only fandom for creation, it’s definitely a popular one, with Pokémon Violet and Scarlet having just released last year and plenty more from the franchise to come in the future.

Mezawoodart also has a TikTok page showing how some of their creations come to life and explaining specific design choices for those who may feel inspired by their work.


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