Assassin’s Creed Ignoring Its Adam and Eve Lore is Saddening

Assassin’s Creed Ignoring Its Adam and Eve Lore is Saddening
Assassin’s Creed Ignoring Its Adam and Eve Lore is Saddening

Assassin’s Creed set up fascinating lore with its take on the Genesis story, but Ubisoft has done very little with it since its inception.

The Brotherhood has arguably changed a lot since the first Assassin’s Creed game. The most recent Assassin’s Creedgames have focused on the order and its secrets in a more peripheral way than earlier titles, which instead intended to flesh out the in-game universe with interesting and often unique concepts, like the lore about Adam and Eve. Assassin’s Creed is known for the depth of its lore, and with the way the plots of the games interweave with actual historical events, players have often been given a hefty amount of background for everything that they saw in the series. The series has looked away from the Isu storyline with recent games, and one of its most fascinating of its pieces of lore in the form of Adam and Eve being part of a slave race created by the Isu, has suffered the same fate.


The franchise’s narrative has often had fantastical elements mixed with well-known and documented historical settings surrounded by notable figures, and Assassin’s Creed Origins solidified the series’ magical realism by confirming connections to Egyptian deities and legends. The Isu are the logical thread that has explained why the historical Leonardo Da Vinci existed in the same room as an orb that could bend reality. The so-called precursors, or Isu, not only shaped human history but created humanity itself as a race of workers. Unfortunately, many of the finer details of this in-game justification have been left to collect dust for a while, including the lore about Adam and Eve.

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How Assassin’s Creed’s Lore About Adam and Eve Ties Into Isu Mythology

It was revealed in Assassin’s Creed 2 that the original humans from Genesis, Adam and Eve, were human hybrids and part of the Isu mythology in Assassin’s Creed. Upon contact with an Apple of Eden, the humans staged a rebellion against the precursors. When unlocking this lore as a reward for collecting all the glyphs in the game, many fans were excited about what it would mean for the story going forward.

It had the potential to tie into the main story, and if the lingering questions from the cutscene titled “The Truth,” where Adam and Eve are seen escaping the Isu with the Apple of Eden, would be answered. Unfortunately, this key piece of lore has been mostly ignored aside from a few references in games that followed. Assassin’s Creed‘s First Civilization has long been a point of confusion for fans, and there are no apparent reasons to expect new information regarding the Adam and Eve storyline in upcoming games.

Why Adam and Eve’s Story in Assassin’s Creed is Unlikely to Get Closure

The two humans tried to escape their Isu creators and were stopped by an unknown force. How exactly they fought against a race with such advanced technology is unclear, and explanations as to how humanity survived Assassin’s Creed‘s Great Catastrophe are reduced to the human race being built durable for manual labor. For the most part, the storyline of Adam and Eve was left on the back-burner in favor of exploring the lore of the Isu and how they affected human societal development long after the fall of their own civilization.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla‘s story by reuniting a Sage by the name of Basim with Juno, an AI hybrid. The upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which is set to follow Basim’s story up to his appearance in the game, could further answer questions about what these two have planned next. But in regard to what could be unveiled about Adam and Eve, it is entirely possible that there won’t be a conclusion to that story for the foreseeable future.

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