Chainsaw Man: What Will Aki’s New Devil Contract Mean For

Chainsaw Man: What Will Aki’s New Devil Contract Mean For
Chainsaw Man: What Will Aki’s New Devil Contract Mean For

Chainsaw Man is a show clearly not afraid to kill off many of its established characters, as well as leave the remaining survivors to lick their wounds and process the situation. Especially since Aki, as a reactionary measure to fight back and gain more power for the goal of defeating the Gun Devil, decided to form a contract with the Future Devil, teased at in the end of episode 10, and introduced in episode 11, “MISSION START”. However, with the result of Aki’s new contract with the Future Devil, many must be asking what does this mean for Aki in the future, and what will happen to him with his limited time?


Chainsaw Man as an anime is engaging as well as brutal with its characters, as with the case of many characters that were wiped out and shot in episode 8, “GUNFIRE”, where Aki ended up losing a close comrade, and friend in Himeno, who sacrificed herself to protect him when he was injured. Despite all that, he ended up being weak, and had to recover and grief in the hospital while processing her death. Eventually, two Devil Hunters offer him the chance to make a contract with a powerful Devil, to which Aki takes it with no hesitation.

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The Remaining Time Left

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Of course, this very Devil is the Future Devil. Aki enters its chambers at first, straight to the point to gain its abilities and powers. The Future Devil is an eccentric one, as it isn’t overtly hostile but rather gleeful, if also macabre in its obsession with the future. Aki’s remaining life span as a result of using the Curse Devil is reduced down to two years, so with no hesitation and not much care for his own wellbeing, decides to form the contract. What the Future Devil ends up wanting is simply a peek into the future of Aki, which is a relatively low-cost for great power, until the Future Devil cackles in glee and agrees to the contract.

In exchange for granting Aki the power of foresight, the Future Devil simply wants to live in Aki’s left eye. The reasoning for this is simple, and revealed to be that Aki’s supposed future death is ‘going to rule.’ Despite the fact that Aki’s death is all but assured in the future, Aki doesn’t seem to care what he has to do to gain more power to achieve his goal. At the end of the day, he insists and demands that the Future Devil get in his left eye. With this, Aki has achieved a great power with a cost that is foreboding, ominous, and leaves many anime fans theorizing and discussing what could happen in the future. Which does beg the question of what this means for the future of Chainsaw Man, and how specific will Aki’s death be?

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Aki’s Future Actions

Needless to say, the idea that the audience knows that Aki has a limited lifespan of a mere two years is enough to set people on edge thanks to how Chainsaw Man has essentially killed off many characters in a massacre. It certainly doesn’t help that the Future Devil confirmed that Aki will die in a way that ‘rules’, as the Future Devil put it. Because of this, many fans could be theorizing the fate of Aki, as well as what kind of death would he experience in the future, thanks to this ominous and foreboding fate. Of course, this still is left up to interpretation for anime fans at the moment; as the result of such an omen to Aki is that his actions will mean more, and perhaps become more reckless, due to his limited lifespan and determination to get revenge on the Gun Devil and those that shot down his comrades.

Which could leave many at the edge of their seats, waiting for what might happen, as the warning from the Future Devil leaves the audience in a position of Dramatic Irony. Since we already know that Aki’s death is assured by the Future Devil, the only thing that sets us on edge and engaged in the story of Aki is to learn how it leads up to it and what happens in that very moment. Even then, there is no telling just how exactly it will occur, or if it even is going to be a series of events that lead up to a fatal mistake or tragic circumstances for Aki. Regardless of the vague warnings of the Future Devil, and the impending doom that Aki’s going to face; the journey along the way there is most likely to be paved with bodies and life-changing decisions.

It is most likely that with the direction of the story is going in its first season, we might get a peak into how Aki intends to resolve his unfinished business. However, more importantly, we may end up seeing Aki’s decisions become more daring, reckless, if also slightly careless. Because of the realization of his death and his current state of mind at the moment, Aki is less likely to consider the future as his statement to the Future Devil implies. Of course, whether this means Aki will leave behind a memory to certain people, or remain forgotten in the future is another question entirely. One that cannot be answered immediately at the moment, as it is far ahead of Aki, the audience, and especially the individuals involved in the story. Even so, time continues to march, and the future is looking grim for Aki. The audience can only wait and see how Chainsaw Man will end for the man with a vendetta against the Gun Devil.

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