Chinese Regulators Approve Valorant, Pokemon Unite, and More

Chinese Regulators Approve Valorant, Pokemon Unite, and More
Chinese Regulators Approve Valorant, Pokemon Unite, and More
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Valorant and Pokémon Unite are approved and finally set to release in China sometime this year, along with many other video games.

Valorant and Pokémon Unitehave been approved and are finally set to release in China this year along with 44 other games. However, there is a slight catch for players before they can jump in and get their hands on Valorant or Pokémon Unite.

Valorant has emerged as one of the most popular Esports as well as one of the most popular PC games in recent years, and with a console release in the works, the game appears to be on its way to becoming even more successful. The same can be said for Pokémon Unite as well. Surpassing over 70 million downloads on Switch and mobile in 2022, and with constant updates to the game, Pokémon Unite is currently in a great spot. As a result, the release of both games in China provides a great opportunity for players in the region to get involved and play these games.


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Fortunately, players in China will now have the opportunity to play Valorant and Pokémon Unite alongside 44 other imported games that have also secured publishing licenses in the country. This is due to the NPPA (National Press and Publication Administration) recently allowing companies to legally publish and license their games again in China after an 8-month moratorium on allowing outside companies to do so. This is good news because it will allow the Valorant and Pokémon Unite player bases to expand and make Esports even more popular.

Overall, the player bases have reacted well to this news for both games. However, there is no specific release date for Valorant and Pokémon Unite in Chinaother than that they are slated to launch this year, in 2023. Alongside Valorant and Pokémon Unite, other games like Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and one of the best roguelike horror games Don’t Starve were also approved to be released in China.

This is great news not only for fans of each game but also due to the actual implications. The fact that games such as Valorant and Pokémon Unite are now able to be published in China could be a good sign for the Chinese player base. Furthermore, with Blizzard suspending game services in China and shutting down the giant player base for World of Warcraft, many players are in need of a new game to get into.

With Valorant registering over 20 million active players in the last 30 days and Pokémon Uniteavailable on mobile and the Nintendo Switch for free, now seems to be a good time to bring these games to the Chinese player base.

Valorant is available now on PC.

Pokemon Unite is available now for Android, iOS, and Switch.

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