Destiny 2 Player Shares Presumed Location of ’The Last City’

Destiny 2 Player Shares Presumed Location of ’The Last City’
Destiny 2 Player Shares Presumed Location of ’The Last City’
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A Destiny 2 player believes they have found where ‘The Last City’ and the Traveler are located in the Destiny universe’s equivalent of Earth.

A Destiny 2 player offers new evidence of the “real-world” location of ‘The Last City’ thanks to the view from the Seraph Satellite location, new to the game for the Season of the Seraph. Thanks to some unique topography seen from space, the location of Traveler and The Last City have a great chance of being in an unsuspecting location.

Since Destiny launched, players have been trying to guess accurate locations of landmarks in the game. Some areas have precisely named locations, like the Cosmodrome in Old Russia, and European Dead Zone in Destiny 2. But for years, Guardians couldn’t accurately place where The Last City was on Earth. Some players have inaccurately assumed that The Last City, because of the Walls seen in The Tower, are the same ones at the start of the Destiny 1 or Destiny: New Light missions. But the most definitive evidence of the location of The Traveler and The Last City has been found.

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The introduction of the Seraph Station in Destiny 2 has brought some interesting new lore to the game but also revealed the location of The Last City and the Traveler to be somewhere in South America. Redditor ToastDriven tracked a unique topographical landmark to a region in South America, between Chile and Argentina. Bungie made the hunt to track down the location by inverting the map of South America, but ToastDriven has matched two nearby mountain ranges to ones that exist near Santiago, Chile.

Some players questioned the accuracy of The Last City’s placement in South America because part of it would lie in the South Pacific Ocean. But Destiny lore speaks of how the Traveler can terraform planets and some lore spoke of “geologically violent events” caused by The Collapse. The road to finding out the location of The Last City on Earth has been long, but there have been crumbs left over the years that have pointed to South America. A video on the topic by Destiny YouTuber Evaze highlights some instances where characters like Shipwright Amanda Holliday and Clan Steward Suraya Hawthorne had to travel long distances to get to The Last City.

Bungie may never come out and definitely say that The Last City is in South America, but Destiny 2 players may be content with this new bit of evidence. The Destiny 2 universe is rich with mysteries and exotic locations reaching out into the darkest reaches of the solar system, but Guardians may consider the mystery of The Last City’s location solved.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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