DisguisedToast Reveals Sleeping Problems Since Boxing Match

DisguisedToast Reveals Sleeping Problems Since Boxing Match
DisguisedToast Reveals Sleeping Problems Since Boxing Match
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Twitch streamer Disguised Toast discusses the trouble he’s had sleeping following his recent chess boxing match against fellow streamer PointCrow.

Twitch streamer and Youtuber DisguisedToast, real name Jeremy Wang, recently confided in his audience about the sleep problems he’s been having since his December boxing match. The content creator is known for streaming everything from World of Warcraft: Dragonflight to League of Legends spinoff Teamfight Tactics.

DisguisedToast participated in the chess boxing event put on by massive streamer and bidet peddler Ludwig. The event, which took place last month, saw a variety of streaming personalities face off both on the board and in the ring. In chess boxing, combatants alternate between a faster version of chess called blitz chess, and boxing. A competitor can win by either checkmate or knockout. DisguisedToast went up against fellow streamer PointCrow, and managed to come out on top. But it seems as though the content creator is suffering from some lasting consequences.


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Toast, the former Facebook Gaming streamer, was in the opening minutes of a recent Teamfight Tactics stream when the subject of sleep came up. He revealed that, ever since his boxing match with PointCrow, he hasn’t been sleeping well, only able to get about three hours of rest at a time, and he doesn’t know why. He described being “jolted awake” regularly, and, bizarrely, described being suddenly awoken thinking he had to box against Andrew Tate. “This is gonna sound really stupid, but last night I got jolted awake cause I thought I had to do a boxing match with Andrew Tate,” he explains with a wry grin. That instance, he says, woke him up at three in the morning.

Seemingly a little embarrassed, DisguisedToast went on to describe how his situation has left him feeling bad, as what was supposed to be a “meme boxing event” has been the root of his troubles. He confessed it makes him “more uncomfortable to talk about because [he] thinks it’s silly.” He concluded by implying that people weren’t likely to believe that he was suffering due to a chess boxing event.

Struggles with mental health are not uncommon in the streaming world. In fact, last year, streamer Trainwreck set up mental a health fund for fellow streamers and their communities. The implications of DisguisedToast revealing his struggles can only be positive. A creator with a following like his stating plainly that he’s struggling could go a long way to normalizing something that is, unfortunately, still stigmatized, and sometimes even derided in gaming communities.

Of course, streamers aren’t the only ones in the gaming world who struggle. Last year, the UK-based Mental Health Foundation called for industry changes to support players. With initiatives like this, along with more honesty and vulnerability like Toast’s, the industry, and those who are passionate about it, will be better off.

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