Disney Dreamlight Valley fans tire of crafting dozens of chests

Inventory management is the worst part of every life-sim game and the same holds true for Disney Dreamlight Valley. On the outside, the game is similar to Animal Crossing. You can walk the valley, make friends with various Disney characters, and decorate your town however you see fit. However, once you take a step into the realm of collecting materials, gathering flowers, and hoarding ingredients, you soon realize that the standard inventory that each player is provided with just isn’t enough. Fans have started to notice how much of an annoyance inventory management in Disney Dreamlight Valley is and they are demanding a change.

Recently, a large number of fans have started pitching various ideas on Reddit to help the current inventory management situation in DDV to alleviate their storage woes. If you have tried storing items in the game, you know that the current storage is nothing more than a safe — a chest given to you at the start of the game that can be upgraded, plus however many chests you build. The chests that you can craft only hold up to 16 different items, which aren’t even enough spots to hold all of the flowers.

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Because of this, players have resorted to dedicating entire rooms of their homes, or whole sections of the valley, to inventory management. This has led to some interesting designs. Just a few of the many suggestions that the devs behind Disney Dreamlight should consider include allowing players to build different size chests that can hold more items, introducing additional types of chests, like wardrobes and refrigerators, creating a chest management system that allows players to label each chest they craft, and allow players to craft different colored chests.

Any of these changes could go a long way to making the inventory management system in the game better. Imagine being able to upgrade the chests you have built so you can store all of the items needed to craft Hot Chocolate. The devs have listened to fan feedback in the past so there is hope that they will eventually change this system for the better.


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