Does Fire Emblem Engage have a New Game Plus mode?

The Fire Emblem series is notorious for allowing players to face overwhelming odds in tactical combat. Fire Emblem Engage is no different, with players facing off against the Corrupted as the Divine Dragon. After completing your first playthrough of the game, you might wonder if you can repeat the process in a New Game Plus mode, taking your battle-hardened allies into another adventure and trying it on a harder difficulty. Here’s what you need to know if Fire Emblem Engage has a New Game Plus mode.

Can you play a New Game Plus playthrough of Fire Emblem Engage?

We can confirm that when you reach the end of Fire Emblem Engage, there will not be a New Game Plus option for you to select. Instead, when you reach the end, you can only restart a brand new playthrough of Engage, select a new difficulty setting, and choose if you want to play on Classic or Casual. The New Game Plus feature did appear in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and fans might be disheartened to learn that they won’t have the chance to earn rare items or use any carry-over progress.

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However, this might not always be the case. The development team could push an update where a New Game Plus mode occurs for Engage fans, giving them further incentive to try out the game on a more challenging difficulty. We don’t recommend any Fire Emblem Engage player to expect to see it until the developers begin sharing any details on social media. We might see it closer as more of the game’s DLC becomes available.

For now, the answer remains no. We do hope the developers plan out an update for a New Game Plus mode to occur. We’d like to see stronger encounters appear in this mode and further rewards for defeating them.


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