EA not-so-subtly gauging interest in more Dead Space remakes

Electronic Arts is not hiding their cards well when trying to decide what to do with the success of the Dead Space Remake. While many fans would love to see the game developer use this momentum to revive Dead Space 4, the company is instead sending out a survey that bluntly pokes players on the back and screams, “would you give us money if we did the same remake treatment for the two sequels in the Dead Space trilogy instead of something new?”

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Player reaction to this survey has been a bit mixed. It is not a secret that nostalgia is a powerful tool with gaming remakes, but many gamers are starting to get overloaded with the amount of remakes and remasters being thrown their way. Dead Space 4 has been dead for some time now, and the success of the remake has given fans a taste of what EA could do with the series if they decide to continue it instead of retell it.

The Twitter conversation is heavily skewed with positivity towards a Dead Space 2 Remake, but is a little more apprehensive to a Dead Space 3 Remake, as fans are divided on how fondly they remember the third entry. Sales, as well as the reception, of the third game is what ultimately canned Dead Space 4, though the company was set to take the series in a different direction for it as well. There is no telling what could have come out of it.

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Remakes are hugely successful, but oversaturation can cause indifference over time. Games are also starting to get remade today without having time for the original to really walk off into the sunset first, such as with The Last of Us Part I. If there is a demand for it, and enough time has passed that it would feel like something new, then a remake is warranted. Resident Evil 4 Remake is shaping up to be a perfect example for this. If not, it can come across as a lazy way to print money to fans.


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