Escape from Tarkov Dev Battlestate Games Has Been Banned from

Escape from Tarkov Dev Battlestate Games Has Been Banned from
Escape from Tarkov Dev Battlestate Games Has Been Banned from
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Twitch bans Battlestate Games, the developer of the popular survival shooter Escape from Tarkov, from its live-streaming platform.

Developer Battlestate Games, the team behind Escape from Tarkov, has been banned from Twitch. Battlestate regularly uses the live-streaming service to provide updates on Escape from Tarkov, as well as hosting numerous giveaways for fans to pick up bespoke in-game items.

Upon its release into early access in 2017, Escape from Tarkov quickly became one of the most brutal survival games available, as well as a fan favorite in the gaming community. The first-person shooter combines elements from similar massive battle royale games such as Call of Duty Warzones but adds a detailed layer of complexity that is more akin to Rust. Players encounter a steep learning curve as they have total control over the most minute details, including weaponry that can be customized from the scope and stock, all the way down to the dust covers and grips.


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Viewers hoping to gain an insight into Tarkov from the official Battlestate Twitch channel will be met with a message saying that the channel is temporarily unavailable as it is in violation of the site’s Terms of Service. The reasoning behind the team’s ban is currently unclear as Twitch never publishes the reasons why a channel is pulled and the Battlestate team has also kept quiet on the matter. This isn’t the first time that the developers have been hit with a Twitch ban. In 2019 one of the team reportedly pointed an empty gun at their own head and pulled the trigger, leading to the account being taken offline.

Twitch streamers having their accounts suspended isn’t anything new either. Last month, Russian streamer Mira had her Twitch account taken down for unknown reasons, and while the account has since been reinstated, Mira remained unhappy with the situation. The popular figure took aim at Twitch’s terms of use claiming that the live-streaming site is reinforcing misogyny on the platform by shaming women’s bodies.

Fans might not know how long the Battlestate channel will be offline, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from continuing the New Year’s Drops Event it is running in conjunction with other popular streamers. These drops are tied into the recently released Escape from Tarkov patch 0.13 and look to reward players with exclusive in-game equipment by linking their accounts and watching any of the promoted streams.

Battlestate has previously utilized content drops on Twitch leading to Tarkov’s popularity skyrocketing amongst gamers, and what is clear is that even a Twitch ban won’t stop the Escape from Tarkov team from promoting their game while they work towards a full release.

Escape from Tarkov is available for PC.

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