Fallout 4 Players Share Their Favorite Locations for Settlement Builds

Fallout 4 Players Share Their Favorite Locations for Settlement Builds
Fallout 4 Players Share Their Favorite Locations for Settlement Builds
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Fans of Fallout 4 engage in a discussion about which settlements they like to build on while out and about in the annihilated wasteland.

Settlement building in Fallout 4 is a pretty substantial aspect of the post-apocalyptic RPG, and many fans have been engaging in a lengthy discussion about their favorite places to call home. Although Bethesda confirmed Fallout 5 is now in development, a lot of players are sticking with the 2015 release until then. After all, there’s a lot to do and see across this particular wasteland, and while survival is the aim of the game, there’s nothing to say that the Sole Survivor can’t have a homestead.


Even after seven years, there are those who have yet to try out this nuclear annihilated interpretation of Boston. Fortunately, Fallout 4 is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 this year, so those who have not had a chance to check it out will be able to do so in what will likely be the best iteration of the game. The good thing about a series like Fallout is that it allows fans to not only play in their own style, but also share some of the things that bind the community together.

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In a recent post on Reddit, as seen by The Gamer, a number of Fallout 4 fans have been talking about which settlements in the game they like to build on. The discussion was started by user Glitched_Link, and the thread currently has hundreds of comments from others who are talking about their particular favorite locations. Some have mentioned Starlight Drive-In, with user fusionsofwonder saying they like that it’s “centrally located,” as well as big and flat. One user said they love the Castle settlement, adding that they “beeline towards it.” Given that it’s a “freaking fort,” no doubt at least some other commenters will agree with NitetimeNatalie.

Then of course there’s Sanctuary Hills. For those who haven’t played the game, many people think Sanctuary Hills is one of the best Fallout 4 settlements. Or at least it’s certainly the one many will think of immediately, as it’s the first settlement players come across early on. The fact that it has a personal connection to the Sole Survivor, as well as being the location that introduces settlement building, is one of the reasons it will be a lot of people’s go-to.

With its video game rags to riches story, huge world based on a real location, roster of characters, array of quests, and even some emotional moments, Fallout 4 was a huge success when it launched. Some older fans may feel the series has lost what made it a cult hit in the early days, but it’s exposed a lot more people to the Fallout name and continues to be popular to this day.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions in development.

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