God Of War Ragnarok: In Plain Sight Guide

God Of War Ragnarok: In Plain Sight Guide
God Of War Ragnarok: In Plain Sight Guide

God of War: Ragnarok brings fans Favor quests, or side quests, that can be a bit challenging to complete, like the In Plain Sight quest

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Many players thought it was impossible to top God of War (2018) in terms of storytelling and ambiance but Santa Monica Studios outdid themselves once again with the release of God of War: Ragnarok. And that’s because they improved the entire series by creating a more vibrant yet deadly environment, from the unforgiving Vanaheim jungle to the snow-covered region of Midgard.

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And while most of the gameplay aspects of God of War: Ragnarok remained the same, the inclusion of more lore-accurate Favors (side quests) added even more hours of fun. And one Favor that some players have trouble starting is “In Plain Sight” since it’s (ironically) well hidden.

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How To Start In Plain Sight Favor Quest

To start the Favor quest, players will need to travel to the Vanaheim realm. Once in Vanaheim, players must look for a calcined (burnt) animal and interact with it. There are several calcined animals in this region, but interacting with any of them will start the “In Plain Sight” favor quest.

Locating The Soul Eater

The main objective is to slay the Soul Eater which will spawn near the burnt animal but will be camouflaged as a pile of rocks (it will have distinctive glowing marks), so locating the Soul Eater will be easier at night.

Players should quickly notice the Soul Eater since the pile of rocks that it uses to hide “in plain sight” is quite distinctive from the other rocks in the area. It’s recommended to clear the area of enemy units, which should be easy with Atreus as a companion. Once players are ready, they can hit the pile of rocks to start the Soul Eater boss fight.

Soul Eater Boss Fight

The easiest (and safest) way of fighting the Soul Eater in God of War: Ragnarok is to dodge all of its attacks and only attack (preferably with a Frozen Flame Leviathan upgrade) when it opens its chest (see image) with a Leviathan Axe Throw.

Once players hit him a few times, it will fall, prompting players to press R3 to deal a massive blow. Once the Soul Eater is dead, the Favor quest will be complete and players will receive: 3000 Kratos XP, Atreus 750 XP, and Hunter’s Brand (a necessary item to craft Hunter’s Armor set).

God of War: Ragnarok is available on PS4 and PS5.

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