How Long Does It Take To Beat Lil Gator Game?

How Long Does It Take To Beat Lil Gator Game?
How Long Does It Take To Beat Lil Gator Game?
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If you’re looking to play Lil Gator Game and you’re wondering how long it’ll take to complete, we have everything you need to know here.

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Lil Gator Game is an adorable indie game by MegaWobble and published by Playtonic Friends. It sees players going out on an adventure as a cute little alligator with the aim of making lots of new friends and exploring the world around them. This adventure game is one of those cozy, relaxing titles that you’ll just love to snuggle up with.

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If you’re wondering how much time you’ll be spending on your adventure with Lil Gator, you should know that this story is short but sweet. We’ve got a breakdown of the average completion times right here. Now all you need to worry about is carving out a little time for your new scaly buddy.

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How Long Does It Take To Complete Lil Gator Game?

For those who just want to plow through the main storyline without getting sidetracked, lists the average completion time as 3.5 hours.

If you do want to experience some of the optional side content along the way, you can easily bump that up to closer to four hours,or even longer, if you’re playing the game leisurely and soaking up all of that adorableness.

How Long Does It Take To 100 Percent Lil Gator Game?

If you want to experience every little thing that Lil Gator Game has to offer, finding all friends, earning all achievements, and doing absolutely everything you can in order to 100 percent it, the average play time jumps to just under five hours.

If you’re looking for some extra help finding every last collectible and friend, we have plenty of guides available here to make it a little easier for you:

Which Platforms Is Lil Gator Game Available For?

Lil Gator Game is currently available for Nintendo Switch and PC/Mac (via Steam). It is a digital-only title and retails for $19.99/£16.75.

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