How to complete From Zero quest in Destiny 2

The From Zero quest is available in Destiny 2’s Lightfall campaign. You can acquire it by speaking with Nimbus, and you’ll want to do this if you plan to stick around Neptune and assist in Neomuna’s defense against Calus’ Shadow Legion. This quest will allow you to explore the region for Lightfall’s campaign and give you some decent loot. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the From Zero quest in Destiny 2.

All From Zero quest steps in Destiny 2

There are four primary quest steps you need to work through to complete this mission for Nimbus in Destiny 2.

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Step 1

The first task you’ll need to do is find three of the nine Region chests on Neomuna. You can find these scattered throughout the three districts on the planet. We recommend grabbing all nine of them if you have time, as they give you weapon and gear rewards for locating them.

Step 2

The next step is to participate in activities scattered through Neomuna. These can be any public events or patrols you find on the planet. We recommend grabbing a few patrols before participating in the public events that appear on Neomuna, as many of these patrols typically have you focusing on defeating enemies or looting special items they drop.

You can also find public chests that appear on the ground or by interacting with resource nodes you find while exploring the city.

Step 3

The next step will find a Shadow Legionary Trask, an enemy you’ll need to defeat. They will be in the Esi Terminal, which is adjacent to the Zephyr Concourse, directly south of the Striders’ Gate, where you start on Neomuna. You can visit this location at any time, and you’ll find this Cabal surrounded by multiple guards.

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Step 4

Upon defeating Trask, the final thing for you to do is to return to Nimbus at the Hall of Heroes and earn the reward.