How to defeat Menphina in the Euphrosyne alliance raid in

The final boss in the Euphrosyne alliance is Menphina for Final Fantasy XIV. Menphina is one of the Twelve and will be a fearsome opponent you and 23 other players will need to defeat to complete this encounter. It will not be easy, and your timing will need to be perfect to survive the battle. Here’s what you need to know about how to defeat Menphina in the Euphrosyne alliance raid in Final Fantasy XIV.

All Menphina’s attacks and moves in the Euphrosyne alliance raid in Final Fantasy XIV

A common attack you’re going to see in this battle is Blue Moon. It is an unavoidable attack that will damage everyone in the battle, so healers will want to be aware of it and provide any heals they can go to those with lower health. Everyone should also activate any mitigation abilities to help lower this damage.

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One of the earlier attacks Menphina uses is Love’s Light, where she summons a large moon outside the arena. The moon will start covered in darkness, but when Menphina uses Full Bright, the moon begins to light up, and when it becomes full, it unleashes damage across the center of the area. You can watch the moon reach this point and prepare for it accordingly by going to one side of the arena.

There are different versions of this attack where Love’s Light summons four small moons at the center of the arena. Two moons will be covered in darkness, and the other will be half-covered. The half-covered ones will activate first, so do not stand in their AoEs.

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Next, we have Lunar Kiss, small AoE attacks that target each tank in the party. Everyone in the party will want to separate from each other to avoid taking additional damage, and healers will want to protect the tanks with overwhelming heals. Similar to this is Silver Mirror, but it goes around unique players in the raid. The players hit by this target will want to diverge from the group to avoid hitting others. In addition to these AoEs are the Moonset large AoEs, where the boss jumps to each area of the arena shown on the floor.

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A routine attack Menphina does is Midnight Frost, where one side of the battlefield is slowly covered in ice. Stand on the opposite side of this ice, avoiding the attack. You may need to swap to standing behind Menphina or in front of her.

When Menphina does Selenain, she will go into a defended stance, and you now need to focus on the pillars as Menphina charges up her Lovers Power. If she reaches 100, the encounter ends, and everyone wipes. We recommend focusing on a single pillar as the timer goes up slower with fewer pillars on the battlefield. A handful of Ice Sprites will appear during this phase that sends out a cone AoE attacks at random players, forcing everyone to maneuver around the arena to avoid these attacks.

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Eventually, Menphina will use the Rise of the Twin Moons attack, a full raid AoE, forcing the healers in your party to prepare for that heavy damage. On top of that, Menphina summons Dalamud, an untargetable mount that partially changes up her moveset for the rest of the encounter; you’ll want to pay attention to Dalamud’s position moving forward as this mount unleashes several heavy attacks alongside Menphina’s moves, such as Midnight Frost, to name one.

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An attack Menphina uses alongside Dalamud is Playful Orbit, where Menphina separates from Dalamud. You’ll want to watch for Dalamud’s position as both it and Menphina will unleash Midnight Frost. Another new attack to watch is Winter Solstice, where most of the battlefield becomes ice, and you’ll need to skate across it to a safe area. You can expect to see a handful of attacks being used by bosses, such as Playful Orbit and Winter Halo.

You’ll follow this routine for the rest of the encounter. You will have completed the alliance raid after Menphina has been defeated.


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