How to find and join The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams

Fortnite Chapter 4 is finally hosting its first music event, with it coming in form of a concert being hosted by the one and only The Kid LAROI. The singer’s Wild Dreams event even features everything from performances to collect-a-thons and a boss battle. Better yet, those who succeed on the island can net a bevy of rewards. Here’s how to access The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams live event concert in Fortnite.

How to join The Kid LAROI live event island in Fortnite

Like previous interactive concerts, The Kid LAROI live event is accessible through Fortnite’s Discover page, and the option to join currently sits at the top of menu. However, from our experience, this may not be the case for every player. If you’re having trouble finding the experience, you can also head to the Island Code tab and enter the following code to join the event: 2601-0606-9081.

It is worth noting that each lobby for the event must have 12 players to begin, so expect a short wait before traveling around the Wild Dreams island. Once there, the artist will begin playing unreleased tracks while also giving you time to complete one of its six challenges. This includes defeating a beast that roams around the island as well as destroying furniture that spawns late into the concert. These challenges can even result in valuable rewards, as various challenges offer XP bonuses, Lobby Music Tracks, and The Kid LAROI-themed Loading Screen.

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Keep in mind, the event will not last forever, as it is currently scheduled to end on April 27. In the meantime, those on the hunt for even more challenges and free goodies should also test their skills in the Oathbound questline. Unlike the live event, Oathbound is held inside the game’s battle royale map and features over 11 challenges for players to unlock additional XP and cosmetics from.


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