How to get Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact

If you want to ascend Dehya, the latest 5-Star Pyro character of Genshin Impact 3.5, you will need the Sumeru Local Specialty, Sand Grease Pupa. Similar to Sango Pearls for Kokomi, these husks of Quicksand Eel larvae always spawn in the same locations and do not require any extra prerequisites to be collected, such as an Electro Ability required to gather Sakura Bloom. Moreover, this Ascension material follows the same 48-hour respawn schedule; once you have collected it once, you must wait two real-world days before you procure it again from the same spot.

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Best locations to farm Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact

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We visited every possible Sand Grease Pupa location in Sumeru, from the subterranean tunnels near the Passage of Ghouls to the Safhe Shatranj ruins. From our testing, we can confidently state that the two best spots to farm this Ascension material in Genshin Impact are the north and south Wenut Tunnels. Not only do they house the most Sand Grease Pupa nodes in a single location, but they are all relatively easy to navigate and do not require complex traversal from the nearest Teleport Waypoint. Of course, this does not mean you should not visit other spots across the Desert of Hadramaveth, but those short on time and only want to focus on the best location should choose the Wenut Tunnels.

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First, start your journey at the Wenut Tunnels Waypoint on the eastern side of the Passage of Ghouls. Head through the large cave mouth ahead and follow the underground trail in Genshin Impact while picking up the Sand Grease Pupa along the way. Eventually, you will reach a fork in the road; take the right path and investigate the pile of stones to fall into the sandy chamber below. Collect the area’s last few pupae before returning to the Wenut Tunnels Waypoint. Next, enter the Setekh Wenut’s lair but do not start the fight. Instead, explore the outer rim of the cavern to collect several more Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact. This two-part should net you around three-dozen pupae.


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