How to get Security Clearance level 1 in the Dead

A handful of locked doors and blocked passageways throughout the Ishimura in the Dead Space remake prevent you from advancing through the game. A notable locked door requires security clearance level 1 to access it and progress through the game. Finding this security clearance can take you a bit of time. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Security Clearance level 1 in the Dead Space remake.

Where to find the Security Clearance level 1 in the Dead Space remake

Your Security Clearance will go up to level 1 when you find the Captain’s RIG. This will be one of your main objectives to complete as you progress through the story of Dead Space, and it will occur in Chapter 2. You will need to reach the Medical Wing of the Ishimura and track down the Captain, whose location is in the morgue.

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Before you can reach the morgue, there’s going to be a barricade blocking your path from going down. You’ll need to craft a bomb and blast through the barricade to reach the other side. Next, you’ll need to make your way through the emergency room, fighting through several waves of Necromorphs, before you can make it through Intensive Care and then into the morgue below.

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The Captain’s body will be on a table inside the morgue. A cutscene plays out shortly after finding his body, and he returns to life as a Necromorph. You need to dispatch him and the other Necromoprhs that appear in the morgue before returning to the table where you found his body to find his RIG. After you’ve done this, your security clearance becomes level 1, and you can now access any locked doors or boxes that might have had a Security Clearance level 1 requirement.

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