How to make a Spear in Sons of the Forest

When you first spawn in Sons of the Forest, you won’t have much on you. While you can gather supplies from the crash site, you will still need to focus on acquiring some essential items, such as weapons. As you won’t be able to acquire powerful weapons at the beginning, you need to craft some basic weapons to help you survive the first few days. In this guide, we will explain how to make a Spear in Sons of the Forest.

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How to craft a Spear in Sons of the Forest

You will need two sticks, one Duct Tape, and a Knife to craft a Spear. These items aren’t difficult to acquire and can be found everywhere. For sticks, you just need to search around the forest, as they can be picked up from the ground. But if you’re having trouble finding them, you can use the Axe from your inventory to chop down small trees. As for the Knife, it can be found inside the emergency pack, which you acquire from the crash site when you first start the game. The Duct tape can also be found inside the crates around the crash site.

After acquiring all three items, open your inventory by pressing the ‘I’ key. First, put two sticks in the middle of your inventory by pressing right-click on them. Then, select the Duct Tape and Knife, and click on the gear icon to combine all of them. You will now have a Spear in your inventory.

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The Spear is easily one of the best early weapons in Sons of the Forest. Not only can it help you take down your targets from a safe distance, but it also helps with hunting. You can use it to attack animals wandering around or catch fish.


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