How to unlock Dragon Ball adventure island and collect Dragon

How to unlock Dragon Ball adventure island and collect Dragon
How to unlock Dragon Ball adventure island and collect Dragon

Dragon Ball is back in Fortnite, and Goku is too. And with them comes a list of mini-challenges you’ll have to complete in order to collect all seven dragon balls and summon Shenron for an untold wish. We’ve got you covered with a quick guide to how to unlock every Dragon Ball Adventure Island location, and all seven Dragon Ball locations you’ll want to hit along the way.

Goku needs your help on Dragon Ball Adventure Island, which you can access by hopping into the main menu and heading over to the “Discovery” hub. It’s one of the featured modes as of the game update on January 31. You’re also able to type in the Dragon Ball adventure island code 5642-8525-5429 to jump into the island directly. Once you’re at the resort, the real quest begins. 

Where to Find the Dragon Balls in Fortnite 

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Here’s a quick list of all the Dragon Ball locations in Fortnite: 

  1. By the quest board in the lobby
  2. Beside Bulma near the radar
  3. Use the ship at Goku’s house
  4. Kami’s Palace obstacle course
  5. Room of Spirit and Time parkour course
  6. Beerus’ Planet rock destroying challenge
  7. At the Resort Area once you have all the others

Follow the capsules at the start over to the Quest board, where you can pick up your first Dragon Ball and speak to Goku, who will guide you to the radar in the center of the plaza. Ping this radar and you’ll find the second Dragon Ball beside Bulma. 

To find the third Dragon Ball you’ll want to go to Goku’s house by using the ship beside the resort. Once at Goku’s house you’ll have to fish and prepare the Saiyan a meal before he gives you your prized third orb.

The fourth Dragon Ball you’ll get at Kami’s Palace after completing a Nimbus Cloud obstacle course.

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The fifth Dragon Ball is at the Room of Spirit and Time after beating a parkour course.

The sixth Dragon Ball is on Beerus’ Planet and reveals itself to you once you destroy five rocks with Kamehameha. The seventh and final Dragon Ball is sitting at the resort once you’ve found all of its kin.

You did it—make a wish!


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