How to use the Super Chump in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 has a vast arsenal of weapons and powerups that the community is obsessed with; however, sometimes it is hard to know what each of its guns precisely does in battles like Turf Wars. The Super Chump is one of the many powerups you get to use in the game while using certain weapons that support it. This guide explains the best way to use The Super Chump in Splatoon 3 to help you in battles with your friends and make some big wins.

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Splatoon 3 The Super Chump working, explained

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The Super Chump can only be activated while using either the Clash Blaster Neo or N-ZAP ’89 weapons. These weapons are unlocked at a higher level, but having a Golden Ticket will give you access to unlock it before you reach that level. The Super Chump is a long-distance launcher-style special power; once it is activated during a battle, your avatar will pull out a blaster-looking device. After a second, it will launch off balloons toward the area you placed it when you activated it. The balloons will land and explode with your team’s color paint everywhere around, also taking out any nearby enemies.

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The ballons will safely destroy from a distance, and you’ll be able to reposition yourself from there. If you have friends helping you in battle, this is a nice special to use to take out enemies and get the upper hand. The Clash Bastler, which activates The Super Chump, is unlocked at Level 30 — unless you have a Golden Ticket — it is probably the most recommended since it is a higher-level weapon.


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