If You Like Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Super Mario

If You Like Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Super Mario
If You Like Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Super Mario
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Hell Pie is a bizarre 3D platformer that flew under the radar last year, but it’s a must-play for Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Super Mario Sunshine fans.

Hell Pie is a crass 3D platformer that released last year to mixed reviews, but fans of Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Super Mario Sunshine should be sure to play it as soon as they can. Hell Pie was first released in 2022 for various platforms, putting players in the role of a demon who traverses a variety of worlds in search of disgusting ingredients to make a pie for Satan’s birthday. The game is unapologetically absurd, and its sense of humor should be immediately familiar to those who enjoyed Rare’s classic Nintendo 64 game Conker’s Bad Fur Day.


3D platformers are usually marketed to children, and as a result, they are typically family-friendly affairs. That’s why Conker’s Bad Fur Day turned so many heads back in the day. Conker’s Bad Fur Day had over-the-top violence, swearing, alcohol, and even a giant pile of singing poo as one of its boss fights. The game was extremely inappropriate, but that was its charm, and it’s what helped it stand out from the sea of other 3D platformers that hit the market in the wake of Super Mario 64.

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Hell Pie follows in Conker’s Bad Fur Day‘s footsteps with its humor. The game even has players going toe-to-toe with anthropomorphic feces. Hell Pie pushes the envelope when it comes to toilet humor, but it also has some smarter sight gags and funny references that should have wider appeal.

Hell Pie is Like Conker’s Bad Fur Day Meets Super Mario Sunshine

Not only does Hell Pie have serious Conker’s Bad Fur Day vibes, but it also is oddly reminiscent of Super Mario Sunshine. The NPCs players interact with in the game are not unlike the characters players can talk to in Super Mario Sunshine. The level design and art style brings to mind Super Mario Sunshine as well, with a beach level that wouldn’t look out of place in Mario’s famous GameCube adventure at all.

Hell Pie has players exploring hub worlds that are filled with the ingredients that serve as the game’s primary collectible, but there are levels within these hub worlds as well. Not only that, but there are challenge stages that test players’ platforming skills and push them to the limit. These standalone stages also call to mind Super Mario Sunshine, which offered similar standalone, platforming-focused levels to go with its larger hub world exploration.

While it clearly takes inspiration from classic 3D platformers, Hell Pie also manages to carve out a distinct identity of its own. It has a unique grappling hook mechanic that lets players swing across gaps, with new skills purchasable that increase players’ platforming options that much further. The game’s mixed reviews seem to mainly be due to technical issues with the Nintendo Switch port, so those playing on other platforms should have a better experience.

Hell Pie is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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