Impressive Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Tracer Kill Entire Enemy Team

Impressive Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Tracer Kill Entire Enemy Team
Impressive Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Tracer Kill Entire Enemy Team

An Overwatch 2 gamer pulls off an impressive play as Tracer during a game on Circuit Royal, managing to eliminate every player on the enemy team.

The dizzying offensive capabilities of Tracer were shown off in a new Overwatch 2 highlight where a player managed to kill an entire enemy team. Tracer is one of the original heroes from the Overwatch 1 roster, but she continues to be effective in the sequel, as this recent clip illustrates.

While the early access release of Overwatch 2 in October 2022 brought reworks for a number of the series’ characters, Tracer has continued to play mostly the same. While the damage of her Pulse Pistols has been altered over time, she continues to function as a DPS hero that often excels at flanking the enemy team. Despite not having much overall health, her evasive abilities, including Blink and Recall, make her difficult to deal with if used by a skilled player.


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These abilities were put on full display in a recent video uploaded to Reddit by user Le_Boi. During a game on the new Circuit Royal map in Overwatch 2, the Reddit user played Tracer as they attempted to advance the payload to the second checkpoint. Using the hero’s Blink ability, the Reddit user teleported around Reinhardt and into the enemy team’s backline. From there, they managed to kill all five opposing players single-handedly.

Le_Boi accomplished this feat by first eliminating the enemy Hanzo with a burst of their Pulse Pistols and a finishing melee. Following this, the Reddit user blinked back into the action and killed a Mercy, who was trying to resurrect their fallen teammate. The Tracer player then finished off a Solider 76 before returning to the payload to advance it the short distance to the checkpoint. As if this was not enough, the clip finished with Le_Boi picking up eliminations on Ana and Reinhardt, wiping the entire enemy team in the process.

While there are many highlights from Overwatch 2 games on Reddit, this video uploaded by Le_Boi still stood out for many gamers. Impressively, it has gathered more than 1.6K upvotes on the platform. Among the comments, many gamers complimented Le_Boi on the play, while others said they wished they could play Tracer with same level of skill. “This is what I imagine is going to happen everytime I pick Tracer,” one user commented.

This clip is another example of the playmaking potential in Overwatch 2 when gamers master a particular character. In addition to this impressive highlight from Le_Boi, another gamer previously managed to get a team kill using Tracer’s Pulse Bomb. Even though Tracer received a slight nerf to her damage in a December 15, 2022 balance patch, clips like the one from Le_Boi suggest that she is still a viable pick if used correctly.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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