IRL Twitch Streamer Crashes Bike, Breaks Collar Bone Live on

IRL Twitch Streamer Crashes Bike, Breaks Collar Bone Live on
IRL Twitch Streamer Crashes Bike, Breaks Collar Bone Live on
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After having an unexpected bicycle accident while live on Twitch, IRL streamer Skill Specs shares a painful-looking X-ray and video of the crash.

IRL Twitch streamer Skill Specs is feeling the pain after crashing his bicycle and breaking his collar bone live on stream, with video of the accident and a wince-inducing X-ray of the break being posted online following the incident. Unexpected accidents on IRL Twitch streams are nothing new, and can even be a bit of an occupational hazard for some streamers, but this brutal bike crash looks particularly painful.

Although Twitch is mainly known for hosting streams of the latest games and helping launch the careers of figures like the controversial streamer Dr Disrespect, In Real Life streams, or IRL streams as they’re commonly known, have proven to be a large draw on the platform over the years. Whether it is a game streamer giving viewers a glimpse into their day-to-day life outside of gaming, or one of the countless travel channels available on Twitch, these IRL streams can provide a nice change of pace for viewers looking for something to watch other than the newest AAA game release.


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In a series of posts on his Twitter account, IRL streamer Skill Specs shared the aftermath of a recent bicycle crash he experienced while streaming live on Twitch. Shortly after the incident, he shared a painful-looking X-ray of his snapped collar bone accompanied by the facetious comment “Happy new year…” In response to the photo, a commenter gave more context by sharing a clip of the accident taken from the livestream. In the short clip, Skill Specs is heard introducing himself to his viewers before turning his camera around to film himself and almost instantly toppling off the bicycle as the screen goes black. Though clearly in pain, he manages to keep his calm and can be heard laughing as he states “Oh that’s no good.”

Though the footage may not be as dramatic as the clips of a fellow IRL streamer getting hit by a car, the accident was clearly painful. Scrolling through the chatlog on the clip, several of Skill Specs’ viewers seemed to predict his impending crash before it happened, with multiple chat messages questioning why he was riding a bike in sandals and joking that it wouldn’t end well. While Skill Specs and his viewers were able to laugh about the crash as it happened, responses to the posts on Twitter were filled with comments wishing him a speedy recovery from the unexpected tumble. Later posts showed his return home from the hospital with a massive new scar to mark the mishap.

As painful as the unexpected crash may have been, it appears that Skill Specs is staying in good spirits as he focuses on rest and recuperation. And for viewers still recoiling from the cringe-inducing X-ray photo, luckily there are plenty of wholesome Twitch streams to watch that don’t feature their hosts winding up in the hospital.

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