Lapras and Goodra join the fray in Pokémon Unite soon

Lapras and Goodra join the fray in Pokémon Unite soon
Lapras and Goodra join the fray in Pokémon Unite soon

Pokémon Unite has been dropping some major new Pokémon to the roster lately, with everyone’s favorite doggo Zacian being added just last month. The Pokémon Company is continuing full speed ahead by now revealing the next two additions to the mobile title. Goodra and Lapras will make their debut in Pokémon Unite this Spring, and they even already have some adorable Hologear to go along with their introductions.

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Goodra will be joining the Pokémon Unite roster this month on March 16 for Battle Pass Season 14, which began on March 2. Lapras will follow later in April, though no more information has been given about the aquatic monster.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Goodra is said to fill the Melee Defender role, and several cute Holowear options have already been revealed for it. A circus ringleader option fits the theme of the current season, and there has also been a hooded jersey shown off as well. Lapras will get a fancy hat and shawl to match the theme. Even Sableye is getting in on the fun with a clever jester costume, which fits perfectly for the Pokémon’s personality.

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Pokémon Unite is also running some great events at the moment. There is a Zacian’s Wield event to earn rewards as well as a Boss Rush mode to try out. Fans can also utilize the code POKEMONDAY in Pokémon Unite currently to get a free gold Zacian boost emblem for useful effects in battle. It will be redeemable until Sunday, March 26. Furthermore, there will be an invitation-only league to decide the game’s Asia region champions which will be streamed on March 18 and 19.


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