Magic: The Gathering Announces Commander Masters Reprint Set

Magic: The Gathering Announces Commander Masters Reprint Set
Magic: The Gathering Announces Commander Masters Reprint Set

Commander Masters is reprinting some of the most iconic cards for Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format.

Commander Masters Key Art by Pindurski

Magic: The Gathering has just revealed Commander Masters, a Commander-focused reprint set launching this August.

Like other Masters sets before it, Commander Masters is a set completely consisting of reprints. We’ll also be getting some very interesting new preconstructed decks as well, including creatures types that would terrify any Commander player.

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Revealed on the Weekly MTG stream, Commander Masters will be launching with the full array of products, including Draft, Set, and Collector’s boosters. While the specifics of what the set’s draft environment will look like not yet being revealed, there is a very large chance it will adopt the Commander Draft format we typically associate with the two Commander Legends sets.


Each pack will include reprints of some of the biggest cards in Commander alongside some more niche choices. So far, the cards revealed include the infamous Jeweled Lotus from the first Commander legends, The Ur-Dragon, and Portal Three Kingdoms’ Capture Of Jingzhou.

Like other Commander-focused sets, Commander Mastered will be receiving etched foil cards of all rare and mythic-rare cards. It will also be receiving two new art treatments, with Profile Borderless cards giving you an up-close look at the face of the set’s many commanders, and will receive textured foil cards in Collector’s boosters. Meanwhile, Frame Brake cards give the impression of their subject leaping out of the frame. Borderless cards will be found in both Set and Collector’s boosters.

Alongside the set itself, four Commander decks were also confirmed, and feature the only brand-new cards appearing in all of the set. Like other recent precons, each will include ten new cards, including never-seen-before commanders. The decks are:

  • Eldrazi Unbound – A colourless Eldrazi-themed deck.
  • Enduring Enchantments – A white/black/green Enchantress deck.
  • Planeswalker Party – A white/blue/red Superfriends deck.
  • Sliver Swarm – a white/blue/black/red/green Sliver deck.

Perhaps most interesting are the inclusion of a completely colourless Commander precon with Eldrazi Unbound, something Magic has never released before, and a Sliver deck – a creature type that’s noteworthy for how quickly it can snowball out of control in Commander.

Despite its surprise reveal, we don’t have to wait long before we get our next look at Commander Masters. Its first sneak preview will be coming on May 16, ahead of prereleases at the end of July, and an official launch on August 4.

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