Mortal Kombat 2 Source Code Leaks, Reveals Hidden Cut Content

Mortal Kombat 2 Source Code Leaks, Reveals Hidden Cut Content
Mortal Kombat 2 Source Code Leaks, Reveals Hidden Cut Content
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A video reveals some hidden content, including finishing moves, for the classic fighting game Mortal Kombat 2 after the source code leaks.

The Mortal Kombat 2 source code has leaked, and a video shows some of the content that’s been hidden all these years, including cut moves, fatalities, and more. As one of the most influential fighting games of all time, the original Mortal Kombat that released in 1992 not only inspired many other titles that came after it, but was also partly responsible, along with contemporaries like Doom and Night Trap, for the formation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB, due to outcry over its depictions of violence.


However, controversy aside, the franchise has continued unabated, with 11 mainline entries in the series and many more spin-offs. With the mobile game Mortal Kombat: Onslaught due out this year, fans will once again be able to take on some of the most classic combatants in all of gaming. For many, the original releases will always be the definitive Mortal Kombat games, iconic for each character having gruesome finishing moves. Several decades later, and it looks as though there was more to one of the installments.

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As spotted by Bloody Disgusting, a video lasting more than two and a half hours shows the leaked source code for 1993’s Mortal Kombat 2. In the video, a number of assets had seemingly been cut from the finished product but have now been put on display. In a thread on Twitter, user Pegasus Kid has broken down a number of these found assets, which show new animations for many characters, some cut stage props, a sprite of Scorpion that appears to have blue skin, a mockup clip that shows a scrapped Johnny Cage fatality in which he rips out his opponent’s throat, and much more.

It’s a smorgasbord of secrets that pretty much no one would have seen until now, and this isn’t the only time new information has come to light about the iconic fighting series. In 2021, a Mortal Kombat video revealed the invention of one of Scorpion’s moves, specifically his “get over here” pull. The clip shows the popular ninja, motion captured by Daniel Pesina, working out some moves, before developers John Tobias and Ed Boon begin to workshop what would become one of the most famous Mortal Kombat fighting moves.

With the original Mortal Kombat turning 30 years old last year, it’s hard to imagine a series known for its outlandish violence going on for more than three decades. However, the results speak for themselves, and while the studio continues to push out new entries, many fans will no doubt be reminiscing about fond memories of the classic games.

Mortal Kombat 2 released in arcades and on PC, PlayStation, PS3, and Sega Saturn.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting, Twitter


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