Overwatch 2 Player Pulls Off Stylish Kill With Sigma’s Boulder

Overwatch 2 Player Pulls Off Stylish Kill With Sigma’s Boulder
Overwatch 2 Player Pulls Off Stylish Kill With Sigma’s Boulder

An Overwatch 2 player gets creative with Sigma’s boulder move, called Accretion, to execute a novel kill that the enemy never sees coming.

An Overwatch 2 gamer managed to pull off a wild and unexpected kill with Sigma while leveraging the hero’s boulder ability. The move, called Accretion, allows sigma to launch a huge chunk of rock at enemies. Though it’s likely the Overwatch 2developers never expected the ability to be used quite like this.

With his incredible gravity-wielding powers, the villainous tank hero Sigma is known as the most powerful hero in Overwatch 2 lore. He’s also got an intriguing and tragic backstory that centers around experimentation and the character’s shattered mental state. All of these things and more make him one of the most complex and interesting figures in the game’s universe. Thematically, his abilities, like the aforementioned Accretion, mesh well with the core of his character: a dangerous and powerful scientific genius being manipulated by nefarious forces.


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Powerful as they may be, the abilities Sigma can access probably weren’t intended to be implemented like they were in this instance. The gamer who made the play, Reddit user Nekopeace-Twitch, captured themselves executing a unique and perfectly positioned kill. Playing on the hybrid Eichenwalde map, Nekopeace-Twitch’s team took on the role of defenders as they approached the tavern where the attackers spawn. Right around the corner from the tavern entrance, but just out of sight from attackers within, the Sigma is seen launching his Accretion boulder straight up into the air, seconds before the match begins. The Sigma immediately backs off, gets in position and awaits his prey.

Soon Nekopeace-Twitch is engaged by a Doomfist player, and they trade a few blows back and forth, as an enemy Genji follows close behind, positioned directly below the falling boulder. Genji is known for his slick and dexterous moves, but in this case they’re no help, as he is absolutely crushed by the boulder and immediately knocked out of the battle. Nekopeace-Twitch can be heard whooping in excitement at their incredible skill and luck.

Though the maneuver certainly benefited from a healthy dose of luck, what’s truly impressive about the kill is the amount of care and precision on the player’s part. Viewers can see Nekopeace-Twitch adjust their aim ever so slightly, lining it up with environmental features, until they settle on an exact position. They then wait until a very specific moment to launch the boulder. The fact that the move worked displays an absolutely masterful awareness. Nekopeace-Twitch seemed to know just where the enemy would be and when, and likely positioned themselves in a spot that would hold them in that position.

Regardless of how much was skill and how much was luck, it’s an unexpected example of high jinks at Eichenwalde in Overwatch 2, a map where things usually tend to get silly at the bridge area. It appears players can still find ways to surprise each other, so many years into the franchise’s history.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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