Pokemon Fan Designs Their Own Pokemon-Themed Snacks

Pokemon Fan Designs Their Own Pokemon-Themed Snacks
Pokemon Fan Designs Their Own Pokemon-Themed Snacks

A Pokemon fan conceptualizes themed packaging of their favorite snacks based on some of the pocket creatures found in the franchise.

A fan of the Pokemon franchise has recently shared their own concept art of themed snack packaging based on several pocket creatures from the franchise. Though official Pokemon-themed food and snacks are regularly produced by the company, the community is also likely interested to see how fellow fans would implement the designs of their favorite Pokemon into snacks that they actually enjoy.

There seems to be a lot of food-related interest and activity within the online Pokemon community lately. With a little over one thousand Pokemon in the franchise’s universe, it is not surprising for fans to be inspired by the vibrant designs of each of these pocket creatures. With so much material to work with, fans have found ways to be creative in the culinary space. Some focus their energies on actual edible Pokemon chocolates and confections, while others enjoy producing concepts for packaging snacks.


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Showing off their art on Reddit, user dukepinball posted a collage of the different snack packaging that they conceptualized. The image had over ten different snacks, ranging from chips, chocolates, and candy. Some of the pocket creatures featured in the concept art include some from the 1st generation like the starter Grass Pokemon Bulbasaur, the Fairy-type Clefairy, and Poison-type Muk. Other Pokemon included in the concept art are from the more modern titles. Fans will likely be amused by the appearance of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Pawmi in one of the snacks drawn by the artist.

For Pokemon fans who are also familiar with Filipino culture, they would likely recognize the original designs of the packaging. Dukepinball’s art is actually based on the local snacks enjoyed by those from the Philippines or exposed to Filipino food. This is also confirmed by the artist on the Reddit thread, stating that their references were “100% Pinoy,” a local term for Filipino, when asked if they were from the Southeast Asian country. Though this is not the first time a fan crossed over Filipino culture with the Pokemon fandom, it is likely interesting to see the community envision the fandom integrated into their own cultures.

Replies to dukepinball’s Pokemon snack concept art showed great encouragement and interest in their work. Some even hope that the artist will make a drinks packaging version as well. With the amazing support from members of the Pokemon community, hopefully, the artist will be inspired to make more of their unique Pokemon-themed packaging pieces in the future.

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