Pokemon Fan Makes Minior Hot Chocolate Bombs

Pokemon Fan Makes Minior Hot Chocolate Bombs
Pokemon Fan Makes Minior Hot Chocolate Bombs

A Pokemon fan shares that they created cute hot chocolate bombs in the shape and likeness of Gen 7 Rock/Flying-type meteor Pokemon Minior.

Seemingly perfect for regions with cold weather during the holiday season, a Pokemon fan shares that they have created hot chocolate bombs fashioned after the Rock/Flying-type Minior. One of the most interesting Rock Pokemon in the shape of a meteor, Minior seems like the perfect pocket creature for a fan to model their chocolate confection creations after.

The franchise’s community is no stranger to fellow fans making edible versions of their favorite Pokemon. Given the bright and colorful designs of the pocket creatures found in the franchise’s universe, it is not surprising for fans to be inspired by them. This particular fan has been making chocolate creations based on different Pokemon for some time. Most of their confections were made in celebration of mobile title Pokemon GO Community Days. However, some of them, like this Minior chocolate bomb, seem to have been shared online just in time for winter.


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On Reddit, user miscellaneousmao shared a short video of the Minior hot chocolate bomb that they made. The footage showcased the chocolate Meteor Form of the Pokemon and also had an interesting surprise for fans of the Rock and Flying dual-type Minior. After the Redditor dropped the hot chocolate bomb onto some warm milk, the confection shed its chocolate shell to reveal an edible marshmallow in the shape of pocket creature’s bright pink Core Form. Most fans who are familiar with the Pokemon will likely recall that Minior has both Meteor Form and Core Form, depending on how much HP the pocket creature has left.

Although miscellaneousmao has made a lot of Pokemon-themed chocolates and confections before, their regular fans still seem to be very impressed by their most recent creation. Especially since the chocolate bomb revealed another form of the Pokemon. Miscellaneousmao shared that the chocolate was made out of homemade hot cocoa mix, and that the Minior’s Core Form was actually handcrafted marshmallows. At the end of the video, fans will likely be amused that the Redditor made Minior’s Core Form in different colors based on the actual existence of these shades in the Pokemon universe.

This is likely not the last time that miscellaneousmao will make these Pokemon-themed chocolate creations. Given the recent launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and the regular Community Days and events of Pokemon GO, the artist will have a lot of Pokemon-centered materials to base their next chocolate project on. Hopefully their fans will continue to give their love and support for the artist’s craft in the future as well.

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