Should you get the Abundant Noise Community Day Special Research

The Noibat Community Day is around the corner in Pokémon Go, and available for that day is going to be a Special Research Ticket, Abundant Noise. You do not have to purchase this Special Research Ticket to participate in the event, but the Special Research does provide multiple premium items and a handful of encounters with a Noibat. Should you get the Abundant Noise Community Day Special Research Ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is the Abundant Noise Community Day Special Research Ticket worth it in Pokémon Go?

Like the previous Community Day Special Research Tickets, Abundant Noise does provide you with a handful of tailored encounters with Noibat, and its second evolution, Noivern. They will be the featured Pokémon for the day, and the encounters for this Special Research ticket will likely have some decent stats on them, especially if you’re looking to add this Dragon-type Pokémon to your collection. There’s also an increased chance to encounter Noibat’s shiny form during the event hours.

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Because this is not a required Special Research Ticket, we recommend against adding this ticket to your collection. The exclusive attack that Noivern can learn if you evolve a Noibat into one before the end of day will be Boomburst. It’s set to have 150 power, and it looks like a similar attack to Hyperbeam, which does little to make Noivern a viable PvP Pokémon. We don’t recommend trying to earn more Noibat or Noivern encounters because of this. However, if you’re looking to add this Pokémon to your PokéDex, especially Noivern, participating in the event should net you enough candy to evolve Noibat.

The event will take place on February 5 from 2 PM to 5 PM in your local area.


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