Skyrim Mod Expands Thieves Guild Quest And Adds Romancing Options

Skyrim Mod Expands Thieves Guild Quest And Adds Romancing Options
Skyrim Mod Expands Thieves Guild Quest And Adds Romancing Options

Skyrim’s Thieves Guild has one of the most interesting questlines from the vanilla version of the game. Not only do you go on to become a master pickpocket, but you also no longer have to worry about those pesky lockpicks disintegrating for no reason. But it’s not just the rewards that are worth it, the questline and the characters you come across are also pretty interesting. However, once you’re done with the quests, your fellow guild members hardly want anything to do with you, and for no fault of your own.

While many of us just moved on with our lives, this didn’t sit right with Elizabeth Jackson Hall, who created a mod that not only expands the questline, but also adds a romance option for Brynjolf.

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“The Thieves Guild quest line ended in a cliff-hanger: Brynjolf won’t talk to you and Rune remains an orphan to his past. This mod extends the story line in a completely immersive way, with an adventure that will lead you through Forsworn crypts and Dwemer ruins, to the very roots of Yddrasil to aid your brothers in crime,” says the description of the Brynjolf and the Riften Guild – Birthright mod (thanks, PC Gamer).

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“Fully voiced, by both original characters and beloved NPC’s, this enormous quest mod adds thousands of lines of dialogue, four dungeons and an actual romantic character arc for a certain infuriating Red-head. (Brynjolf himself had 2000+ original lines, and yes if you’re crazy enough, you can marry him, but only on his terms of course!)”

In order to start romancing Brynjolf, you simply have to slip on the Amulet of Mara and talk to him – he’ll steer away from his usual dismissive dialogue and tell you about a new contract, and you can take it from there. As for other guild related business, talking to Delvin will get you into the Vault, and speaking to Vekel will begin another questline called Birthright.

The mod only recently launched in its beta version, after a year’s worth of alpha testing. Hall said that it has been in the works for four years now, and is still being ironed out.

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