Star Wars Jedi: Survivor walking animation suggests Cal Kestis may

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor walking animation suggests Cal Kestis may
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor walking animation suggests Cal Kestis may

There is a disturbance in the force and Cal Kestis may not survive his journey in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor because of it. The pressing issue he currently faces is not one that can easily be handled like a lowly Probe Droid or a cross-eyed Stormtrooper. Sadly, the matter at hand is much more dire, as our protagonist’s walking animation suggests he has a bad case of the bubble guts that only a quick trip to the bathroom can fix.

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Thanks to the latest gameplay preview provided through an IGN First clip, players were able to get an early look at the latest adventure of Cal Kestis as he looks for ways to survive against the evil Galactic Empire. However, it seemed that Cal was struggling to fight off a completely different set of demons throughout the course of the trailer.

A few eagle-eyed viewers had immediately noticed that Cal’s walk did not exude the confidence of a proven Jedi Knight. Instead, it was seen as a desperate attempt to find a nearby lavatory that only those with a belly full of food have often had the displeasure of experiencing.

With the grim nature of the situation steadily increasing, our main character would eventually resort to running in an effort to beat the wretched event that was about to occur. But no matter how much Cal rushed, his actions would ultimately be seen by spectators as more evidence of his ongoing battle with his bowels.

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Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear whether our protagonist was able to find relief as the video ended up being cut short. It is worth noting, though, that the footage shown in the clip was taken from a pre-release build, so Respawn Entertainment may finally give Cal the chance to lighten his load before the final product is eventually released.


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