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It’s looking like a big year for Star Wars fans.

Almost two years ago now, Ubisoft Massive Entertainment announced that it is working together with Lucasfilm Games on an open-world Star Wars project. Ever since. it’s been radio silence from both studios, apart from the odd comment from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot about how “groundbreaking” the title will be.

That looks set to change at some point in 2023 though, as the creative director on the title – Julian Gerighty – recently tweeted that 2023 is going to be “huge” for Ubisoft Massive along with a Star Wars title screen. It’s difficult to see the game actually releasing later this year, especially since Guillemot himself said the title was only in “the early stage of development” during an earning call at the start of 2021, but it’s possible Ubisoft Massive could be gearing up for a reveal of some kind.


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Backing up the hint at a new reveal or trailer being released later in 2023, a reply from The Game Awards official Twitter account consisting of just a pair of eyes hints that we may see more of the title during a Geoff Keighley event, such as Summer Games Fest or The Game Awards 2023. This is all just speculation of course, but it seems more than likely we’ll get some kind of development update at some point this year.

As for where the game actually is in terms of development, Ubisoft Massive recently announced that it’s looking for playtesters in Malm√∂, hinting that the developer at least has playable chunks that it’s looking to refine. We won’t know for sure what the game looks like or how development is going until official word from Ubisoft Massive itself, so we’ll just have to stay patient until then.

At least we have Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to tide us over until then, which is set to launch on March 17 later this year. It’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty decent 2023 for Star Wars fans.

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