What are the undiscovered collectibles in The Crucible in Muspelheim

In God of War Ragnarok, The Crucible is a special region of Muspelheim that you can only access by finding two halves of the Muspelheim Seed. You’ll need to visit The Crucible if you want to get 100% completion and finish the Beyond Ragnarok goal on The Path main story quest line.

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Before you get to The Crucible, you’ll see three or four “Undiscovered” collectibles on the Muspelheim map. One of these is the Remnant of Asgard in the Burning Cliffs, another is the Crucible Challenges, which will be revealed as soon as you first arrive in The Crucible. But what are the other two? And how do you get them?

What are the undiscovered collectibles in The Crucible?

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The undiscovered collectibles in The Crucible are the Ashpetal Flower (Nine Realms in Bloom Favor) and Gna the Valkyrie Queen (Defend Your Valor Favor). You can’t get either of them until after you’ve completed the main story.

Where to find the Nine Realms in Bloom collectible in The Crucible

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When you emerge from the Mystic Gateway, go straight ahead and drop off the ledge. Look to the right (east) and you should see the Ashpetal Flower glowing on the ground to the right of Lunda’s shop.

Where to find the Gna the Valkyrie Queen in The Crucible

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Crawl through the gap in the wall southeast of the Nornir Chest, then go to the ledge on the south side and use your Blades of Chaos to traverse the chasm. Try to pick up the item in the middle of the area at the far end of the chasm, and the Valkyrie Queen will appear. She won’t attack you unless you attack her first, and we don’t suggest doing so unless you have upgraded all your equipment to the max (even on easy difficulty).