What to do when Twitch won’t let you follow a

What to do when Twitch won’t let you follow a
What to do when Twitch won’t let you follow a

If you have found a new Twitch streamer you enjoy, you may be willing to reward them with that all-important follow. However, there are instances where you can press the button and get an error message letting you know you can’t follow the streamer. Here’s what to do if you are told you can not follow a particular Twitch streamer.

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How to fix the unable to follow a streamer message on Twitch

Contact Streamer to check the ban list

If you are getting an error message on Twitch that you can not follow a certain streamer, the first reason may be that they blocked you. This doesn’t always mean that the streamer went out of their way to make sure you couldn’t follow them. Sometimes, CommanderRoot programs that streamers use to remove bot accounts from their audience can accidentally get real people as well. Just contact the streamer to check their ban list to see if you are on it.

Twitch Server issue

If that didn’t work, you should check to see if Twitch is experiencing any server issues. Even if people are still able to stream, there can be other issues messing with the site, in which case you may need to wait until things get fixed.

Follow limit

There is also a limit to how many people you can follow at one time. If you have gone through a huge list of streamers on your followed list, go through it and unfollow any that are inactive or you don’t care much for anymore.

Try running Twitch on other devices

If none of the above worked, we recommend trying to use Twitch on another device. If you are on the browser version, try the app and vice versa.

Contact Twitch Support

If none of the above worked, you may want to contact Twitch Support so they can look into the situation and see what is wrong.


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