Where to find the Guardian Shield in Fortnite Chapter 4

There is no denying that Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1’s loot pool is filled with highly damaging weapons, and now there is finally a way to counter every one of them. The Guardian Shield is a new, late addition to the chapter that provides players the ability to block all incoming enemy fire for up to 30 seconds. However, the defensive tool mainly hides within one region of the map. Here’s how to get the Guardian Shield and everything it can do in Fortnite.

How to get the Guardian Shield in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Players should not expect to earn the Guardian Shield directly after jumping into a match, as the item only has a small chance of spawning inside chests or as ground loot. That said, it has the highest odds of appearing when opening Oathbound Chests, which are exclusively held in the autumn region on the west side of the map. Thankfully, the region is packed with this special chest type, holding multiples within The Citadel, Anvil Square, and Shattered Slabs.

Once obtained, the Guardian Shield can either be held or thrown down to block all gunfire and melee damage ahead for 30 seconds. After this period, the item will then go on a 10 second cooldown, though some can expect a shorter wait. If the item is placed back into your inventory before its usage meter is empty, its cooldown will only last for five seconds — so be sure to use it wisely.

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At the time of writing, the shield can also help quickly level up the Battle Pass. That is because one weekly challenge will lend 16,000 XP once 10 shots are blocked with their Guardian Shield, and players can partake in the quest up to five times. As a result, using the item is a great method for unlocking new cosmetics, such as Midseason Drops and skin styles that are obtainable simply by raising your account level.


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